i just lose my notebooks often, so i’m keeping thoughts here. this is not interesting so no need to read any further. 🙃


a few frivolous fragments. 🤪😍


side note — the above is not morse code. but it would be cool if it were.


I love working on holidays. Being with my loved one, my craft. ❤


Thoughts on music: soul > solfegé


I wish I could syndicate…

- Minimise waste

+Maximise free action

I let these guide my decisions and actions — short and long term.

sensless violence is downstream from the first axiom, so ahimsa can sort of fit into that. the art of war is a great how-to. Like Nabokov’s solutions: mate in 2 moves, not 12!!!! mating is not the solution, it’s the few strokes that constitute the “art” part, a skill not an aesthetic. It’s objective.

This isn’t a flight log (since that would be boring for you to read?) Instead I am journaling about my wild thoughts (tangents and parallels) from flight school to other random stuff. Here we go — it’s gonna be randdddommm 🙃

  • 1st flight: checking the propellers for damage. The way…

we think pre-socratic philosophers are insane. but they were the great minds of their time.

a few things the future humans might find insane:

  • how many quiet “ears” there were in plain sight (google, apple devices, NSA, facebook, etc.)
  • fiat currencies
  • glorifying childbearing
  • caucasian beauty standards
  • gender pronouns

Uncomfortable experiment, writing about a vulnerability



Story #2: SONY SOLO

Story #3:

the story about whole foods.

the story of AIA for sure…

the story of my voice!

maybe PME



songs 2 record:

pointe vecchio

patience riff?

earworm phone song

one week


[stupid song]

chess clock percussion

“Playing chess with the select few ppl who are worse than me”

“Going amazing places and not taking pictures”

“Having intelligent conversations about unintelligent things”

Those were my proclaimed interests throughout my twenties, and I held to them sincerely. Now what i’m left with is an album of words, for…

~ ~~

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